From classic ballroom to the current dance styles and beyond, Eyght Ballroom provides personal lessons and  classes lessons for singles and couples; teens and adults.  


Personal lessons are all about you. Each lesson will be tailored to meet your dance experience, dance goals, and learning style. This method ensures that your lessons will be fun while providing results so you can reach your goals as quickly as possible.  



Personal dance instruction is perfect for those who are taking their first steps into the world of dance, for a dancer who wants to add on to their skill level, and for couples looking to take their date night up a notch.



Eyght also offers a variety of fitness classes that incorporate swing, latin and hip hop styles.  Not only will you burn hundreds of calories without even realizing it, your dancing will became as second nature as walking. 

Whether you are looking for a fun way to get in shape or you just want to get out on the floor and learn some new moves, Eyght will always ignite your passion for dance.


Class lessons are the perfect way to dance socially and learn new things. Ranging from basic dance fundamentals, to techniques, and choreography, classes at Eyght will take your dancing to the next level. We offer classes you can pop into, as well as cumulative classes that will progress throughout the month resulting in a finished routine and an understanding of a particular style.